Business Bytes: 6 items you need to take off your desk right now

The way we display our desk at work says a lot more about yourself and the type of worker you are than you’d think. For many, a clear and empty desk is what they need to concentrate but for others, the more clutter the better. However, there are some items that are an absolute no-no for all workers. If you have any of these items on your desk, consider removing them straight away.

Any kind of shrine
So you love Peter Andre? Great, but you should probably consider removing your mini shrine to him in the corner of your desk. Not only is it far too personal to display around your colleagues, it makes you look unprofessional and just a little weird for having such an obsession. Your tickets from his latest tour, signed book and poster would love much better at home.

Grooming supplies
It is fine to have a bottle of aftershave close by or a tub of moisturiser at work, especially if you are in and out of the office all day long. However, make sure they are tucked away in your draw or bag. By having them sat all over your desk, it looks like you didn’t get ready in time that morning and therefore chose to sit in the office and groom yourself instead.

You may love your area to smell delicious, but you need to consider others in the office. If you’re spraying lots of different sprays, diffusers or even like to get an incense stick lit up from time to time, you could be irritating your colleagues in more than one way. Not everyone reacts to smells the same way as you and do you really want to be the one responsible for the influx of sneezing in the office?

Inappropriate photos
That night out with your mates may hold loads of great memories, but your office doesn’t need to view it too. Would you talk about your drunken nights out with your boss? If not, why are you giving them an insight into them in the place where you are supposed to be cracking on with your workload? Keep the photos professional and ones you don’t mind others in the office seeing.

You wouldn’t leave dishes hanging around for weeks at home, so why do it at work? Your colleagues don’t want to see plates and cutlery lurking on your desk from two weeks ago, so make sure you take out your dirty dishes to the kitchen after you have eaten. Not only by doing so will it make you look like you have some respect for your colleagues, it will show to others that you are organised and don’t want to be distracted by such things.

Medical items
It is great that you want to be there for everyone in an emergency situation; you have everything from paracetamol to plasters just ready for someone to feel ill in the office. However, by having such things covering your desk, it makes you look constantly ill! No one wants to work alongside a sick person and you could soon find yourself as the alienated worker. Store them elsewhere before you lose all your mates.