Business Bytes: 6 types of people who will never succeed at work

If you find yourself working until late and putting the effort in when no one else, but still missing out on promotions and opportunities to sell yourself, it could be about much more than just the traits you have. Success will be hard to come by because these characteristics can make you unsuited to advancement.

The one who never changes
They have worked at the company for years and probably prefer how it used to be. However, workers who aren’t willing to grow with the company and spend most days talking about how they used to do it will not be seeing a promotion anytime soon. Successful businesses try different ways of doing things to discover what works best for them. If a worker is so against this, they are hardly CEO material.

The victim
At first, when something doesn’t go right for a victim colleague, you will feel sorry for them and be their friend. Warning, this will happen often. Victims are good at putting the blame on everything but themselves. However, if they are always getting something wrong at work, it is their fault and not other peoples. If the boss of the company can see this quality in someone, it’s not likely that they will be offering them a raise.

The one who can’t handle rejection
Careers are not always plain sailing and there will times when you just don’t get something quite right. Your boss is looking for the type of personality that can pick themselves up and move on instead of arguing their point. Sometimes we all must accept that our effort just wasn’t enough and to remember to try better next time. If you can’t handle rejection, you’re not mature enough to be offered something better than your current role.

The mood changer
This worker enters a room and makes all the other workers feel what they are feeling. If they’re having a good day, the office is alive and being productive. However, if they are angry or upset about something, chances are they will be able to make everyone around them feel the same as they are good at passing on their energy. They are very good at injecting fear too, so beware. Your boss isn’t stupid and can see this quality in someone a mile off.

The coward
Cowards are very good at getting themselves into states when they fear they could be in trouble about something and they end up passing the blame onto anyone but themselves. Coward workers live in fear of going wrong and even getting the sack that they wouldn’t be willing to admit to any wrongdoing. However, to succeed it is important to be an honest person and nobody likes colleagues that drag them through the mud.

The gullible one
Gullible workers just accept their work for what it is and rarely question their boss. It can be easy to be a gullible person when you first start a job as you want to make a good impression, but if you feel like something is wrong, whether it is the way the company does something or your salary, you will gain much more respect for speaking up and saying something. Showing that you can stand up for yourself shows that you have your wits about you and good leadership qualities.