Is your manager stressing you out?

Most of us have had the odd moan about our bosses, but would we actually go as far to say they increase stress levels? According to research, nearly seven-in-ten of us would say so. 

In a study by MetLife, 69% of workers blame their employer’s behaviour for the increasing stress levels, saying they are adding to existing pressures in the workplace. 

The study found that workers believe that poor management and organisation leads to increased stress levels which is having knock on effect on company performance.

Employee benefits director at MetLife UK Tom Gaynor said: “Complaining about your boss is not unusual but clearly when the behaviour of management is increasing stress in the workplace there is an issue to be addressed beyond trivial moaning.

“It is very worrying that nearly half of all employees say management behaviour has meant people taking time off because of stress.

“Managers should be ensuring stress is tackled before it becomes a problem, not contributing to it.”
49% of employees say that the stress caused by management has led to extended periods of sick leave, increasing costs and hindering productivity. 

With 43% of all working days being lost to ill-health – the equivalent of 9.9m working days a year – managers really can’t afford to be contributing to employee’s stress levels.
The research suggests that companies should be investing in their employees health and wellbeing as companies that do are reaping the benefits and workers are welcoming the offering of services with open arms. 

More than three-quarters of employees who receive counselling for stress through their work benefits say the services are valuable, and 59% say employee assistance programmes are hugely beneficial to their health and overall performance. 

The research highlights that companies should particularly focus on the younger generation with 75% of 18 to 24-year-olds blaming their boss for increased stress levels in the workplace.