6 jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago

Think back to 10 years ago: There was no such thing as an iPhone, Facebook was mostly unheard of and you would have laughed at anyone calling themselves a social media guru. Nowadays, the world and the workplace is a very different place. It is safe to say that there is only more change on the horizon and who knows what we will be doing in 2026 if we continue going at full speed.

In fact, one report reckons that 65% of children in primary school today will end up in jobs that we haven’t even heard of yet. With that in mind, here are seven jobs that were not around 10 years ago.

1. App Developer
Back in 2006, we would have asked what on earth an app was. However, nowadays we can’t get away from them. Apps can be created from everything from Windows and Apple to Android and Kindle. Job titles and specific duties may vary, but the role usually involves writing specifications and designing, building, and supporting apps using programming languages and development tools.

2. Digital Marketing Executive 
Can you imagine a world now where marketing was done all offline? Only 10 years ago it was unheard of apart from the occasional email. Fast forward a decade and the digital marketing team are some of the most important members of the office. A digital marketing executive is typically responsible for engaging a brand with clients and aiming to manage the company’s online presence.

3. Bloggers and Vloggers
Nowadays, bloggers and vloggers can make a huge amount of money online through promoting products and sponsored content. Back in 2006, blogs were just an online diary for people to often write about their interests and YouTube was just an online version of You’ve Been Framed. However, it is now a profession and brands worldwide are getting bloggers and vloggers involved in their campaigns because of their wide audience.

4. Social Media Manager
The social media guru in the office is a fairly common thing now, but back in the day, the job was very much unheard of. In recent years, many companies are realising the importance of a social media manager in their business. It is now crucial to have an online presence and be active across social platforms to have any chance of potential customers discovering a brand and connecting with the business.

5. SEO Specialist
Similarly with social media, SEO is now incredibly important in a company, especially a small business. A Search Engine Optimization Specialist analyses changes to websites so they are optimized for search engines. This means maximizing the traffic to a site by improving page ranking within search engines like Google and Bing.

6. Uber Driver
Not all jobs that have come about in recent years require you to sit behind a desk every day. However, as an Uber driver, you would still be required to use a smart phone to discover who needs picking up from where on the taxi app. With the increase in popularity of Uber, flagging down a taxi and having the money on you to pay is becoming quite an old fashioned thing to do. However, even Uber drivers may become a thing of the past soon as the company is looking into self-driving cars. Just imagine what we will be enjoying in 2026…