Meet the team which makes Hot Property look and sound great

As Nottingham Hot Property (NHP) gets closer and closer the work behind the scenes is really starting to ramp up. The sponsors and performers are incredibly important for the event, but there is also a lot of action behind the scenes from some unsung heroes. Two of these include the sound and lighting guys, without whom the show wouldn’t look nearly as good!

We caught up with Joe de Max from MAX Production and Sam Lenord from JnS Sound & Lighting Hire to see how they are prepping for the big night.

How many years have you been involved in Hot Property?

Sam: “I’m a relative newbie as last year was the first time I had been involved. I look after the audio, so it’s my job to make sure everyone sounds great on the night.”

Joe: “This will be my fourth year and it just gets bigger and better every time! We’re responsible for the lighting design and programming as well as the supply of extra lighting for the stage and running the video mix which is projected onto the LED wall.”

How are you preparing for the main event?

Sam: “Rehearsals are in full swing at the moment so I’m running around with an iPad to adjust the sound and basically doing whatever Kate, the show director, tells me to do! For the actual event I just want to make sure that everyone has a great time – performers and audience alike.”

Joe: “At the moment it’s just hours and hours of lighting programming, sourcing video content and going through running orders. The day will be spent doing final rehearsals and last-minute equipment set up. During the event all of the lighting is run live so I’ll be managing that.”

What is your favourite aspect of Hot Property?

Sam: “It’s a challenge to mix 30 bands in one night but I really love it.”

Joe: “We are always given full creative control over the light production which is great. It’s also fantastic to be involved as it’s always for such a great charity and cause. Roll on Hot Property 2018!”

This year is extra special as Millward, long time sponsors and trustees of Hot Property, are taking the headline sponsorship spot at the festival themed event to celebrate 25 years in business.

Alongside Millward the sponsors of Hot Property 2018 include Pulse Associates, Couch Perry Wilkes, Samclo Construction, Paragon Interiors, Faithful+Gould, Fraser Brown, CPMG and Browne Jacobson. Joining these are the event’s media partner The Business Desk, PR agency Cartwright Communications, design agency Blimey Creative and design and print agency Ginger Root.

Tickets are now on sale via the Nottingham Hot Property website and cost £30 a ticket or £25 a ticket for an order of 10 or more tickets. For more information about Hot Property, how you can become a sponsor or how to get on the gig list, contact Max Kwan at