How to stop being a workaholic

There is nothing wrong with being committed to your job and career plan. By doing so, we stick to our goals and know what we want from our future. However, a few evenings spent working away at the office can slowly turn into the norm every day and eventually, you will become known as a ‘workaholic’. You may think this is a good thing, but being a workaholic is not an aspirational job role. Here is how to stop yourself from falling into the trap.

Evaluate the work you do
If you’re still working in the office at 8pm, think about the work you’re actually doing. Are you working to a deadline and is it really that important? Think about what you spend so long doing each day and find out if there is a quicker way to do them. Take the time to discuss your workload with your senior management and see if there is an easier way of getting everything done which will mean you can leave at a normal hour.

Schedule downtime
If you’re addicted to your diary, then you really ought to use it for more than just work. Make sure you have something other than work scheduled in for each evening and across the weekend. Even if it is simply heading to the gym or catching up on a TV show, you are putting work and downtime on the same level and will be more inclined to do your scheduled activities.

Stop saying yes
Those people who never seem to work after 6pm are the ones that are more inclined to say no to certain tasks. You may not want to seem like a bad worker, but the more you say yes, the more you will have to do and people will soon come to expect it from you and leaving the office on time will become a rarity. Before saying yes, think about your current workload and if you are struggling with it. If so, politely decline and focus on the stuff you already have to do.

Give yourself other things to do
You may spend so much time at work because there is not much else going on in your life. However, devoting yourself to your job isn’t going to do you any good. Start thinking about the things you have always wanted to do and how you can do them. Even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone and joining a workshop or group, it will give you a life outside of work and regular events to go along to, giving you a decent reason to ditch the desk.

Remember the important things in life
Sometimes you have put everything into perspective. If you’re feeling stressed and tired at work all the time, think about if you really love what you do and if there is a different job which would be better suited for you where you may be better appreciated. Think about your relationships with family and friends and if you have neglected them in recent years. Remember the hobbies you used to enjoy before you put your job first. Although you may be desperate for success, being a workaholic is just going to leave you down in the dumps and isn’t worth it.