Wagon Wheel maker sells factory in the Wirral

Wagon Wheels

The firm behind the iconic Wagon Wheels brand has sold its chocolate factory in the Wirral to a Swiss company.

Burton’s Biscuit Company, which also makes Maryland Cookies and Jammie Dodgers, has sold its factory to Barry Callebault for an undisclosed amount.

The sale is part of long-term deal with the Swiss chocolate company, which will continue to supply more than 12,000 tonnes of chocolate a year to Burton’s.

The Swiss business has confirmed it will keep on the 48 staff who work at the factory in Moreton and carry on making chocolate in the Wirral.

Barry Callebault said the deal will help it expand its manufacturing capability in the UK.

Burton’s chief executive Nick Field said: “Barry Callebaut shares our passion and motivation for baking the best quality products for our customers and consumers.

“This new partnership, with their larger network and enhanced capabilities, directly supports our intent and commitment to maintain and enhance our industry-leading chocolate biscuit offering.”

Barry Callebaut’s chief executive Antoine de Saint-Affrique added: “This transaction is an excellent example of the power of long-term partnerships and outsourcing.

“It is also a clear sign of our commitment to support the growth of our business in the UK market.”

Burton’s has been manufacturing chocolate at the site in Moreton since the late 1950s.

Burton was launched back in the 1800 when it was founded by George Burton. The company employs around 2,000 people across the country.

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