Alix Partners

Alix Partners is a leading global business advisory firm of results-oriented professionals who specialize in creating value and restoring performance at every stage of the business life cycle. We thrive on our ability to make a difference in high-impact situations and deliver sustainable, bottom-line results.
The firm’s expertise covers a wide range of businesses and industries whether they are healthy, challenged, or distressed. Since 1981, we have taken a unique, small-team, action-oriented approach to helping corporate boards and management, law firms, investment banks, and investors respond to critical business issues.
A 360 degree view – Never lose sight of what your competitors, customers and suppliers situations are no matter how pressing things might seem in your immediate environment.
Involve your internal stakeholders – An effective turnaround requires the buy-in of everybody concerned from the boardroom to the shop floor. Timely and honest communication with all internal parties is critical to restructuring as smoothly as possible.
Know your balance sheet – A successful outcome will depend on a re-modelled, robust and transparent balance sheet. Understand where you are currently, be clear about where you need to be and identify where you can unlock value along the way.
Build strong stakeholder relationships – An open, honest and transparent relationship with financial stakeholders is vital. Highlight problems early and adopt a “No surprises” policy.
Seek professional support early – Working with an experienced team of professionals who will challenge you and provide innovative thinking around your problems greatly enhances the chances of success. As with stakeholders the key is to seek help early and be as open as possible about the situation you are facing.
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