Razor co-create digital products and systems. We make technology work for you by cutting away unnecessary problems to reveal solutions that lead to marginal gains and transform your business by improving user experience and increasing your efficiency.

We work across all sectors to provide the following services.

Digital product development
We build it for you. Business critical web applications, native apps, browser plugins, etc…
C# | .NET | iOS / Android

Consultancy & Co-creation
Working with your in house team to build something together. While we’re at it, we upskill your team, so that next time you don’t need us.

User Experience: Research & Design
Helping you to understand what your users (colleagues or customers) actually need, and designing products and systems based on this.

Systems Integration
Getting your systems to talk to each other and share information.  Even that green screen in the corner that no one understands.

Azure: Architecture & Consultancy
Helping you to leverage the powerful tools and services available on Microsoft’s cloud platform.