Yellowstep launches report on the top 40 Midlands growing companies

B2B Marketing agency Yellowstep has launched a new report highlighting the Midlands’ top growing companies by revenue, and whether their marketing has become a contributing factor to their success, or if there is room for improvement.

Yellowstep is an agency focused on improving lead generation, sales and marketing alignment, and brand awareness for businesses in B2B industries with a hunger for growth. The report gives an insight into existing companies, and also demonstrates what other companies can learn with stats and insights.


What the report includes

The full top 40 is based on turnover increases submitted to Companies House. Companies have only been considered if they have delivered positive growth within the last year, and if they have also submitted turnover figures for the last five years.

The report assesses the sales and marketing approach across a scoring criteria, with a possible total of 100%, which delves into:

  • Website performance and user journey
  • Search engine optimisation and ranking
  • Social media performance and follower engagement
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Lead generation tactics, such as landing pages


Key findings

The Top 40 Growth report has revealed some interesting findings that give an insight into where even the highest growing businesses are both excelling, and falling behind, when it comes to key marketing activity. The findings include:

  • 87.5% of businesses had Google Analytics installed on their website.

While this indicates that the Top 40 are actively analysing their website performance using the tool, it’s not a given that every business is doing just that.

  • 25% was the average lead generation score

The majority of businesses are failing to capitalise on their website traffic to generate online leads, and thus, more sales. Lead generation, also known as inbound marketing, focuses on attracting customers by providing them with helpful and relevant content at every stage of the customer’s buying journey.


Read the full report

The Midlands Top 40 Growth Report is now available to download. You can also get more content relevant to inbound marketing, business growth, and B2B industries by subscribing to the Yellowstep blog.